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 Instance layout

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PostSubject: Instance layout   Sat Jan 26, 2008 7:06 pm

The following is a compilation of areas in Karazhan and the corresponding bosses of the apparent layout of Karazhan.

A teleporter exists in the person of Berthold the Doorman (in the front entrance of Karazhan), which activates after the Shade of Aran is killed. Berthold can port players back up to Aran's room.

The main entrance

* The Gatehouse leads to A1, A2, A3
* A1: The Livery Stable Attumen the Huntsman, links to A1+
o A1+: The Guardhouse and Scullery links to B2
* A2: The Servant's Quarters one of three random animal bosses, leads to B1
* A3: The Grand Ballroom leads to B1, B2, and B3
o B1: The Guest Chambers the Maiden of Virtue stands watch here
o B2: The Banquet Hall Moroes
o B3: The Opera House the Opera Event, one of three random stage productions

All paths lead into the Broken Stair

* AA: The Broken Stair side entrance unlocked by opera event, leads to AA+, BA
o AA+: The Master's Terrace One may summon Nightbane should the need arise... (dead end)
o BA: The Menagerie The Curator, leads to CA, CB, CC, ??
+ CA: The Repository Terestian Illhoof
+ CB: The Guardian's Library Shade of Aran
+ CC: The Celestial Watch Netherspite
# ??: The Gamesman's Hall Chess event, a side event encounter of epic proportions
# Medivh's Chambers leads to D
# D: The Topmost onward to X
# X: Netherspace Prince Malchezaar lurks within

* Random Servant's Quarters Bosses include three bosses that drop epic-level items that can be worse than virtually any level-70 blue. They follow the pattern of green drops (of the Owl, of the Whale). Useful drops are sparse, but they are epic (they can be disenchanted) and can be sold for a few gold, plus every mob gives normal reputation, which is much considering the low difficulty of that area. The bosses are:
o Hyakiss the Lurker spider boss
o Rokad the Ravager darkhound boss
o Shadikith the Glider bat boss

You do not have to clear the entire quarters for a boss to spawn. It appears that the boss will spawn after a certain number of kills occurs. Look for an emote, such as 'Hyakiss the Lurker emerges from...' The boss can also spawn multiple times if the quarters continue to get cleared. Killing the maiden does not prevent respawns in this room. NOTE: These bosses, if done previous to any real bosses in Karazhan, will not lock you with a raid ID to Karazhan. The main value of this area is that it helps a new raid group build confidence and quickly levels everyone's reputation to honored so that Koren can be used to repair (something you want the whole raid to be able to do).

* Random Opera House Bosses include:
o Dorothee, Tito, Roar, Strawman, Tinhead, & The Crone
o Romulo & Julianne
o The Big Bad Wolf

To check the week's event without making a real attempt, start it with Barnes, then with one or more people on stage (to die) leave the rest of the raid in the pit below. The person(s) on stage will need to talk to Grandmother to finish starting the Big Bad Wolf, without this person the event locks up the doorway and the GMs will not help you. The other two events will engage straight away and the person on stage will die. This can also be accomplished by sending a Hunter to start the event, and then Feign Death once the event is started.

Be aware that the conversations between the stagehands do not contain hints about the upcoming event. They will say "need more paint for the Oz set", even if R&J or Wolf is up for the week.

You must kill Moroes before Barnes will allow you to try the Opera Event.

* Kings for each side of the Chess event are King Llane Piece and Warchief Blackhand Piece

* How to reach Chess event: After having defeated the Curator, head to the Library, clean your way up the upper part of library until you arrive at Shade door, and continue your way and go down on the first crossroad you encounter.
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Instance layout
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